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Welcome to the world of Trouvessa!

We believe in responsibly sourcing and carefully curating ingredients to deliver a selection of luxury fragrances that translate everyday moments into an experience to live over and over again.

Trouvessa is a word derived from blending the 2 words “trouve” (meaning to discover in french) and “essence” (meaning important). The “trouve” in Trouvessa is pronounced as “Trove” which also means treasure in English. The name TROUVESSA is designed with the intention of delivering luxurious products that inspire feelings of curiosity in the minds of consumers to “find the treasure”, “use it” and elevate them to feel luxurious.

In Trouvessa we believe luxury is lived everyday!

The Treasure of Essence

The best things in life are not things but experiences – “Finding the Treasure” is the experience that Trouvessa imbibes to personify luxury. We believe in everyday ordinaries and see how these seemingly  unnoticed things were in actuality extraordinary. Trouvessa is a fragrance line reflective of these natural observations and experiences. 

What makes Trouvessa different

Fragrances should not just be a mere routine, but they are used because they appeal to a certain sensory emotion or a memory and makes you stand out. We believe fragrances are a fashion desirable that fosters high-end living and defines your personality.

It is a Luxury that becomes you!

The Discovery Team

Any discovery can be nascent or come from the hands of experience. Our inspiration was conjured through a university project! Our perfume designers include a Student in Fashion Design, an Optimist Teen and a Corporate Mom.

We revolved our discoveries in four aspects

  • Nostalgia : Conjuring up individual moments and feelings.
  • Relatable: You choose to wear it because it speaks to you.
  • Elegance : Simple and beautiful stands out.
  • Luxury : A fashion desirable that is part of tasteful richness.

What started as a university project is now a market-tested brand, a collection of luxury fragrances – Eau de Parfum; that help us communicate, modulate our emotions, and create an all-day sensory experience!

There are many more treasures to unearth and Fragrances are just the first line of products from the team of Trouvessa!

Trouvessa Cares

We believe in a community of soulful and sustainable choices. We care for you and our planet. Based on these principles we have crafted our fragrances and follow three sustainability pillars

Our products are curated with high-quality ingredients to be safe for you and our environment. Our fragrance oils are sourced from Europe and follow the certificate of conformity with IFRA & Halal standards.

All our fragrances are formulated using nature’s bounty. We revel in the usage of the finest blend of natural and nature sourced elements. The ingredients abound with beneficial compositions that are a highly sustainable and mindful choice while offering a broader line of fragrances in its true essence.

We make conscious and sustainable choices for our packaging and make sure that they are highly recyclable. Our perfume boxes are manufactured using high quality environment friendly materials. We believe in packaging that benefits cleaner world.

A Welcome Gift Awaits You

TROUVESSA PREMIUM DISCOVERY SET for the first 50 customers on purchase !!

This Premium Discovery Set captivates your senses with 5 unique masterpieces from our LookBook collections

Welcome to the world of Trouvessa!

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