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Perfume is your personality

“You are never fully dressed without a Perfume”.

A perfume follows you; it speaks to you and about you in silence. It leaves a mark!

So how to pick a perfume based on who you are as a person?

Shopping for perfume is often a challenging task as there as so many to choose from.  And while it is challenging, it is equally exciting, if you know how to pick a perfume based on your personality.

While looking for perfumes, often ask these 3 questions :

  • Is it an accessory or a gift for self or someone special.
  • Do you want it to complement you and make you stand apart.
  • And most importantly how does it connect with your inner self, your personality.

A person chooses a fragrance that distinctly outlines his / her individualistic features and stressing their charms. A fragrance selected should give that impression being aesthetic.

The choice of fragrance is always a good mix of stylish co-ordination of personality and a matter of good taste.

For instance, if you are a calm person, you may want something that complements you. Then, pick a scent that’s soft and discreet. Look for florals and aquatic notes. They are easy to wear and bring out a feeling of zen.

Try from our collections Le Pavot and Forêt Rose

If you are someone with a persona who has a lot of zest and energy  – very lively, then you should look for Citrus notes like Orange blossom or mandarin alongwith sweet and spicy notes as they stand out.

Check out Amber Rêve and Ahsan from our LookBook

If you are someone who loves to drive attention, make a statement enjoy a classy club or romantic night outs than Oriental, leather  & musky perfumes are for you!

Flame Rouge, Brulant and Cuir Fruit from our collections would be a good fit for you.

If you are someone who is relaxed and love to connect with your inner self, then woody notes with citrus, floral and spices might be a good fit for you.

Look for Oud du Royaume and Pour l’amour de Oud

If you are someone who enjoys finer things in life and drawn towards rich and complex scents, that gourmand flavours with mix of orientals and spices are for you. This scent evokes a life well-lived!

Nojoum from our collections will be a perfect fit for you!

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