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Perfume Trends 2023

We love you the way you are; but if you could do with a fragrance in your style, then 2023 is just for you!

According to the industry experts 2023 is going to smell a lot like BOLD, embellished with DIVINE ROYALTY, delicate SOPHISTICATION and making a POWER statement with pulsating colours that promotes joy, optimism and passion.

Fragrances like bold fruity florals, woody textures, leathery lace and musky creamy vanilla textures will be the upcoming fragrance trend for 2023.

TROUVESSA Luxury Fragrances are BOLD, with a touch of SOPHISTICATION designed reflecting the Perfume Trends of 2023. Each fragrance is curated and evolved with nature derived, eco-friendly and sustainable ingredients that are key to the consumer feelings in mind.

Fragrances are not finding your scent and wearing it until the end of time, it is more about finding gorgeous fragrances that add to your own self-expression; it is all about creating an identity of your own!

And finally to conclude, 2023 will see fragrances getting more popular not only as accessories but as an aesthetic choice!

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